Toodled is a free application that gives users the ability to create, foster, and grow, communities.

It's that simple! With Toodled, a user can create a community based on a business, location, hobby or interest, and even for their family and friends. When setting up their community, a user can make their community private or public (and all this means is whether or not you want people to be able to join without first asking) and then give it a location. The location component takes advantage of Google's mapping technology, and this is great for keeping communities tied to their actual communities! With each community, every person within it has the potential to be a contributing member. Each person can comment and respond to posts, but they're also capable of making posts, and posts can be texts, images, or video. And because most of us look at something and then move on to the next bit of information, posts are given a 48-hour shelf life. This means that, once you post something, it's there for your community to see for 48-hours, and then it's gone... no clogging up the feed with old and irrelevant information. And this leads us into some additional features meant to keep things moving along. All Toodled communities have 14 days to be used after being set up; If they're not, then they are dissolved. Nothing worse than getting excited about something just to find it's an empty box. All Toodled users can join as many communities as they want... or that they're allowed to join, but to keep people from setting up dozens of fruitless communities, users are only able to set up 3. Now, as Toodled grows and we get feedback (useable and rational feedback) we'll look at putting in options... but for now, the setting is at 3! Oh, and once you're a member of a community, unless you stop being one, you'll continue to be a part of that community wherever you go! So collect communities, find new friends and places to be! Share your finds with other communities and people in your life! Go start a community already!

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